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New Tires

We offer a large selection of name brand tires for your vehicle.  Our selection changes often, so give us a call or stop by today and we will help you select the right tire for your vehicle needs.


Benefits of Having Proper Tires in Good Condition

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle.  Some of the key benefits of tires that are in good conidition, properly inflated, and properly aligned are:



    • Tires directly affect your cars ability to stop, go, and turn safely.​


    • Tires with uneven tread wear, or tires that are not properly inflated can lead to reduced gas mileage.  This is due to the car having to work harder to get it's power to the ground.​


    • Tires that are in good condition and are properly inflated give you a much more comfortable ride, with much less road noise.​

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